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During the 2014-2020 framework period, the Italian Ministry of the Environment has developed an  overall strategy to deal with critical environmental issues encountered in the implementation of public policy. This strategy focuses on environmental issues encountered in the implementation of public policy and identifies management systems and methods to eliminate fragmentation and loss of resources, by assigning competences to the regions. Integral to this strategy is the project Competences and Networks for Environmental Integration and Improvement of the Public Administration Bodies (CReIAMO PA), which is financed by Priority Axis 1 of the National Operational Programme (NOP) on Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020.

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Lines of intervention

Strengthening Administrative Capacity for Sustainable Change

L1 Inclusion of environmental requirements in public procurement procedures.

L2 Inclusion of sustainability objectives in PA implementation of National Strategies.

L3 Models and tools for the transition towards a circular economy.

L4 Procedures to limit atmospheric emissions from biomass burning for civil purposes.

L5 Capacity Building for adaptation to climate change.

L6 Strengthening of integrated policy for water resources.

L7 Development of models and tools for managing sustainable urban mobility.
LQS1 Improving the effectiveness of SEA and EIA in programmes, plans and projects.
LQS2 Strengthening PA capacity for Environmental Incidence Assessment (EIncA).

Environmental competences

To prepare for new environmental challenges, we seek to strengthen existing environmental competences of PA by following the innovative training approach of CReIAMO PA. This approach networks the ‘central’ and ‘peripheral’ roles of PA, promoting proactive attitudes based on reciprocal needs. 

The goal is to strengthen the capacity of local and regional PA in order to integrate sustainable environmental principles into public policy. The changes brought about by reforms will be tackled by combining development and competitiveness with the principles of protection and preservation. 

Information networks

The creation of networks for sharing and disseminating knowledge between local bodies at all levels has a key role in the implementation of environmental policy.
The goal is to enhance procedures nationally, taking territorial characteristics into account. Dynamic communication tools disseminate results by sharing, informing and raising awareness.


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