The monitoring system is the tool that collects data on the progress of the CReIAMO PA project, which it observes and analyses from a procedural, financial and physical point of view. The monitoring contributes to systematising both the large amount of data generated by the project activities and the information flows between the bodies involved in the management and implementation of the CReIAMO PA project. All the information - financial, procedural and physical - corresponds to the specific collection of significant data and information that is useful for monitoring every important aspect of the project.

Types of observation

Financial monitoring
Financial monitoring allows the trends in the financial data of the project to be observed. The methods for the observation of financial data are applied in two distinct phases of the project life-cycle: the programming and implementation phases.
Physical monitoring
Phisical monitoring allows the project’s progress to be followed by comparing planned and achieved outcomes with related standard indicators.
Procedural monitoring
Procedural monitoring allows the project to be monitored over time by collecting both forecasted and effective data on procedural progress.