Training in and dissemination of GPP

Training in and dissemination of Green Public Procurement.  The Work Package provides training activities aiming to introduce GPP instruments into PA procure-ment procedures.

A1.1 – Survey on the use of Green Public Procurement criteria and monitoring of its appli-cation and estimation of outcomes.

Studies on the current situation of the implementation of the National Action Plan guidelines for environmental sustainability of consumption in PA (PAN in Italian) and monitoring of the application of Minimum Environmental Criteria (CAM in Italian).

WP1 will draw up specific reports on the results of applying GPP in terms of reduction of environmental impact and decrease in public expenditure .

A1.2 - Training activities

E-learning training courses to teach tools and methodologies for the inclusion of CAM and social criteria in PA procurements of goods and services.

The training courses are structured in webinars and workshops.Starting from the identification of recurring critical issues in public procurement procedures and from the analysis of case studies, these training courses are de-signed to develop the specialised technical skills needed to integrate the princi-ples of environmental, economic and social sustainability into public procurement procedures.

The WP will publish the results of the training courses.

A1.3 - Coaching on the job

Coaching on the job can be requested expressly by Regions and will provide training in the definition and review of the regulatory instruments and regional action plans for implementation of GPP.

Furthermore, it will transfer the best practices of the most advanced Regions, also for very complex and extensive tenders, and will involve the experts that drew them up.

A1.4 - Conferences and seminars

Organization of two national events dedicated to the presentation and discussion of the results of training, information and coaching activities in terms of achievements, critical issues and the outcome of the inclusion of environmental requirements in PA procurement


Directorate General

Ministry for Ecological Transition (MiTE)

Department for ecological transition and green investment (DiTEI)


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