Agenda 2030

Implementation and Monitoring of 2030 Agenda, this Work Package includes training and supporting actions to sustain regions in preparing Regional Sustainable Development Strategies consistent with the goals and working methods of 2030 Agenda and the National Sustainable Development Strategy.

A2.1 Preparatory Action

Involvement of PA bodies and civil society, both at regional and national level, in order to present the national and international reference framework within which the WP initiatives are to be developed.

A2.2 Involvement of Central Institutions

Information activities for PA bodies and civil society, at national level, on progress of implementation and monitoring of 2030 Agenda at local level.

A2.3 Involvement of Regional Institutions

Support schemes for regions and metropolitan cities in drawing up their own Sustainable Development Strategy.

A2.4 Monitoring and Reporting

Preparation of technical documents to outline the evolution of implementation of 2030 Agenda.

A2.5 Dissemination and Awareness-Raising

Organisation of a final conference to disseminate the results of the WP.

Ambiente marino

The Work Package comprises actions for achieving a proper environmental state of the marine environment, applying the ecosystem-based approach and contributing to sustainable development. It aims to reinforce synergies between the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the Birds and Habitats Directives and the Water Framework Directive. Activities planned in this line of intervention include the strengthening of public participation processes, the involvement of stakeholders and the diffusion and dissemination of actions for the management of marine ecosystems. There will also be focus on specific themes, experiences and best practices at local level.

A2.6 Kick-off Seminar

Presentation of planned initiatives and their objectives as well as sharing and discussion on issues of interest to particular sectors. The aim is to create a forum for discussion and sharing between institutions and experts, encouraging the knowledge of initiatives, both completed and ongoing, to optimise the definition and implementation of the Marine Strategy.

A2.7 Thematic Workshop

Realisation of a thematic workshop designed to:

  • strengthen the capacity of PA to report, monitor and manage activities for the marine ecosystem, with reference to synergies between the Marine Strategy Framework Directive, the Birds and Habitats Directives and the Water Framework Directive
  • analyse the programme of measures for the Marine Strategy, with special regard to integrative measures in local-level policies
  • share public participation processes with special regard to goals, tools and methods
A2.8 Exchange of Experiences

Sharing of critical issues met at the local level and presentation of best practices put in place by various stakeholders to help solve them, in order to bring out the administrative and procedural difficulties and the particularity of specific cases in a ‘network philosophy’.


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