River Agreements

The Work Package deals with the integrated and participatory management of catchment basins and sub-basins through the overall strengthening of institutional capacity and governance among the stakeholders involved in drawing up the River Agreements

The actions aim to promote a wider, more effective and correct dissemination and implementation of the River Agreements for an integrated and participatory management of river basins, sub-basins and, more generally, catchment basins (a category that includes agreements on lakes, coasts, estuaries,...).

A6.6 Implementation of the River Agreements

The National Observatory on River Agreements was set up to analyse, coordinate and follow the evolution of various initiatives related to the River Agreements in Italy. The Observatory - comprising a Steering Committee, an Operational Technical Working Group and Council of Institutions - aims to harmonise approaches at national level, as well as bridge the knowledge gap on River Agreements at various levels through training and communication.

The Observatory is responsible, through a dedicated River Agreement Data-base, for collecting information, monitoring processes and organising specific actions at local level. Starting from the results of the survey and consultation activities carried out in collaboration with regions, the Observatory will also draw up guide-lines and technical notes on the needs identified and indications for training on specific aspects

A6.7 Training

The Observatory is responsible for organising training courses to support pub-lic bodies that use - or intend to promote or use - the River Agreements in their territories (Regions, Municipalities, District Basin Authorities, Mountain Communities, Management Bodies of Protected Areas, etc.). Specifically, the following activities are planned:

  1. Training courses,to be held in regions where the diffusion of CdF is in the initial stage. The courses are structured in two modules. The first focuses on participatory di-agnostics, prediction of strategic scenarios, drawing up action programmes as well as other topics corresponding to the most significant phases of the River Agreement process; the module will be repeated eight times. The second module is dedicated to the monitoring and evaluation of the River Agreements and will be repeated twice.
  2. Coaching on the job to  to strengthen the capacity of regional offices in River Agreements, to be carried out after the training modules mentioned above and comprising in-house visits to the recipient regions. The functionaries will initially be trained in the regions they belong to, coached in the implementation processes of the River Agreements by experts from the National Observatory and the most advanced regions. Subsequently, the same officials are host-ed in the above-mentioned advanced regions, collaborating with the offices responsible for this activity.
    The training period will be organised according to the training needs of the administrations involved.
  3. Collection and dissemination of good practices (River Agreement case studies and practices related to good river governance). With the aim of exchanging River Agreement best practices, the activity will be developed through the organisation of meetings on specific aspects of the drawing up and implementation of the River Agreements, in which international experts will also be involved. In addition, documents will be drawn up to define a unitary and shared methodological approach in specific aspects or topics related to the River Agreements, also on the basis of the most successful experiences;
  4. Thematic workshops on particularly important technical issues (such as participation, urban drain-age, urban and peri-urban fringe areas, ecosystem services, etc.);
  5. International  study visits for the most expert operators, to be held in European sites of particular interest.
A6.8 Communication

In order to provide an in-depth knowledge of the activities and to disseminate the results of the project, national events will be organised at the beginning, mid-term and closure of the activities, and a special web space will be created dedicat-ed to the River Agreement National Observatory, and short films will be produced aimed at making River Agreements more widely known.


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