Line of intervention 6

Strengthening Integrated Water Policy

Water Resources

Following the transposition of the Water Framework Directive, governance of water resources can be guaranteed by strengthening the management and planning capacities of local authorities.

Water Framework Directive

The Water Framework Directive (WFD, 2000/60/ EC) encourages participatory processes, aimed at settling conflict situations, and making decisions oriented towards sustainable development instead of emergency-driven decisions.

Catchment Basins

In line with the choice made at European level by the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC and with the innovative approach introduced into the Italian legal system by the transposition of the directive, Line 6 sets out to go beyond the historic tripartite management of water protection, flood protection and water resources and, more generally, management of river basins. It therefore aims to plan and implement measures with a less sectoral and more targeted approach.

Work Package

Paths to increase technical expertise

Sustainable use of water resources
Sustainable use of water resources

L6 WP1 - Water resources

Strengthening administrative and technical capacities of the authorities responsible for the management and sustainable use of water resources.

River Contracts
River Contracts

L6 WP2 - Water resources

Dissemination of River Contracts at local level for the development of participatory processes aiming to ensure integrated and shared resource management.

Thematic links
L6 operates in synergy with the ➜ L2WP1 - Implementation and Monitoring of 2030 Agenda - and with the ➜ L5 - Strengthening administrative capacity to adapt to climate change of CReIAMO PA Project and with ➜ L2 - Guideline and coordination of the requirements related to flood risk assessment and management and the L7- Solutions for the full implementation of SII through the full operation of Management Body, assignment of service and communitarian controversy resolution in matter of urban wastewater of MATTM ➜ Mettiamoci in RIGA Project.


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