Training Courses

The training aims at a significant reduction of environmental risks and ecological limits due to the exploitation of resources (green and blue economy): sustainable development, circular economy, air quality, adaptation to climate change, water management, sustainable mobility, evaluation methods (SEA-EIA-EIncA), green procurement (with specific focus on Green Public Procurement). The training courses strengthen the institutional capacity of actors involved in the integration of environmental sustainability: training and coaching on the job in sustainable development issues that affect public policy.

Learning tools

Each line of intervention of CReIAMO PA provides integrated learning courses aimed at increasing technical skills and operational capabilities of all the bodies that contribute, in various ways, to the implementation of environmental policy: Regions, Local Authorities, Environmental Authorities, District Authorities, Park Authorities and other local bodies. These actions are based on a combination of learning methods and tools to improve the ability to plan and implement investments in the environment.
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Technical and Specialist Support

The initiatives of CReIAMO PA are closely linked with those promoted by the Mettiamoci in RIGA project. The CReIAMO PA project provides methods to consolidate the skills acquired for more effective and efficient management of mandatory policies in the 2014-2020 planning period. Complementary to CReIAMO PA, Mettiamoci in RIGA provides technical-specialist support and/or information tools (databases, online platforms) to resolve problems and more circumscribed obligations, both sectorial and tem-poral, as well as replicating the best practices developed at national level.

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